Professional Photography Price Information

The basis of the costing will be the time taken to complete the job to your, the client's, satisfaction. So the cost of every photography asignment varies depending on the size of the job and complexity of the subject photographed. In addition how much involvement you have as a client / art director impacts the time taken.

By making use of on-line technology for remote art direction you can be fully involved in the creative process wherever your business is located, this is the method many of our clients choose. It is possible to bring a mobile studio to you, this will obviously incur additional cost to meet our additional set up time and effort, but may save you time by making it easier for you to organise your products for the photography.

We're happy to talk over any requirement and provide an estimate without obligation. We carry out a lot of photography for small businesses and understand that your budget can be limited - even more important then to spend it well.

If you'd like to discuss any aspect of our professional photography prices or require some extra information please Contact us.

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